Spiking networks code

  •  The SMART network This entry contains the software, implemented in the KDE Integrated NeuroSimulation Software (KInNeSS) that simulates the Synchronous Matching Adaptive Resonance Theory. SMART was first described in Versace (2007): Spikes, synchrony, and attentive learning by laminar thalamo-cortical circuits.
  • KiNnNeSS KInNeSS is an open source neural simulation software package that allows to design, simulate and analyze the behavior of networks of hundreds to thousands of branched multi-compartmental neurons with realistic biophysical properties


  • Fuzzy ARTMAP This package contains an implementation of Fuzzy ARTMAP and provides a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as command line utilities to simulate the training and testing of a Fuzzy ARTMAP network.
  • Biased ARTMAP Biased ARTMAP (bARTMAP) solves the problem of over-emphasis on early critical features by directing attention away from previously attended features after the system makes a predictive error.
  • Self-supervised ARTMAP Self-Supervised ARTMAP learns about novel features from unlabeled patterns without destroying partial knowledge previously acquired from labeled patterns.
  • CONFIGR CONFIGR (CONtour FIgure and GRound) is a model that performs long-range contour completion on large-scale images. CONFIGR accomplishes this through a mechanism that fills-in both figure and ground via complementary process.
  • MODE MOtion DEcision (MODE) model is a neural model of perceptual decision-making that discriminates the direction of an ambiguous motion stimulus and simulates behavioral and physiological data obtained from macaques performing motion discrimination tasks.
  • Diffusive filling-in The package provides GUI interface to control luminance of COCE stimulus components which have impact on the model's output. The software can be run from matlab command line by typing Filling_in at the prompt. Necessary documentation as well as source code is provided
  • Simple cells This is a one-dimensional stand-alone implementation of the Grossberg and Todorović model of a cortical simple cell.
  • Complement coding Complement Coding takes as input a vector of feature values, each with an associated lower and upper limit used for normalization. It normalizes each feature value and calculates its complement.
  • GUI4GUI The GUI4GUI package is developed to build GUIs automatically based on users providing data that describe the details of the GUI components, such as menus, and their associated actions. The programmer needs no knowledge of MATLAB GUI development fundamentals or usages of GUIDE, the MATLAB GUI development environment.
  • MATLAB documentation builder The file mfc2html is a combination of matlab m-file and Perl script to post a list of m-files in a HTML format for automatic production of HTML documentation in a folder containing MATLAB code.


I am the leader of the Neuromorphics Lab, a highly collaborative lab with connections across both academia and industry.