The Neuromorphics Lab featured on New Scientist and

By Max Versace | August 3, 2011

In an article entitled "Body Conscious", Virginia Hughes features my lab in the 8/20/2011 edition of New Scientist. The article focuses on the case of embodiment, namely the idea that true intelligence needs a body and an environment where artificial and robotic agents develop and learn to perform adaptive tasks. The article can be found free online on Financial Tech Spotlight or New Scientist (pay site), has also been picked up by the prestigious

The NL team working on this project: Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, Jasmin Leveille, Gennady Livitz, Heather Ames, Ben Chandler, Sean Patrick, Ennio Mingolla, Max Versace.


I am the leader of the Neuromorphics Lab, a highly collaborative lab with connections across both academia and industry.